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Recent successes.

  1. Delivering a petition to Walsall Council about the dangerous junction with the Chester road. 1700 signed our petition last year and we took that to Walsall council. The biggest petition in 5 years received by Walsall council & a first from an organisation outside of Walsall Borough. Plans are moving forward with Walsall Council committed to spending £54,000 of improvements to the Chester Road junctions and SCAR are in contact with them on developments.

  2. With data collected so far SCAR have presented a report about the value of Speed Activated Devices & Automatic Number Plate Recognition data collection. This is currently with the Parish Council & being taken to the County Council this week. We have had a very positive meeting on Tuesday 11th June with the Parish Council but there are several technical hurdles still to overcome. 

Next SCAR Meeting Friday 13th September 2024 at Stonnall Community Centre (HUT) 

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